Rimmel ruined my makeup

I don’t often have the effort or heart to write bad reviews but I was recently given the Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer to test and trial. If I wasn’t happy with a product or the results, I would normally leave it and avoid doing a blog post for it.

However, I felt the urge to rant about this product as I wanted to warn my fellow make up junkies NOT to buy this.


First of all, It looks, feels and smells like sun cream. I can see it has a high SPF level which is of course good, however I wasn’t expecting ACTUAL sun cream. It even had that greasy look to it.

I however went ahead with  my day and applied my makeup over the product. It didn’t have that smooth velvety feel, it just made my application a bit more stubborn.

So far, things are pretty crappy arn’t they rimmel? Surely though there has to be some sort of miracle lasting affect?!


As I was visiting my parents, we were out for a meal with all my family and my dad stopped me on the way out and said “eerr your face is looking a bit weird, under your eyes look a lot more lighter?” I sort of took it as a compliment and thought that’s probably my baking and highlighting skills, he doesn’t get it hes a man!

However as I smugly looked in the mirror I saw what i hadn’t seen since my sweaty PE lessons in year 10, where I would be drastically trying to fix a makeup melt down. A BLOTCHY, PATCHY FACE OF MAKEUP.

ALL of my foundation had come off, but for some reason my concealer had stayed on. I looked an absolute state. The waiter must of thought I was some sort of crackhead.

Luckily my mum had a mirror to hand and I was able to reapply my makeup with my trusty Nivea primer.

So to cut the story short, RIMMEL PRIMER FIX & PROTECT IS AN ABSOLUTE NO GO. It does the complete opposite, my makeup literally slid off my face, and whatever was left was blotchy mess.

Not a happy blogger!





For Anna.

My best friend came to visit me in the Geordie land a few weekends ago to bitch about our Facebook friends, compliment each others boobs and drink far too much vodka.

As everyone knows I am a ‘slight’ makeup hoarder and I forced Anna to raid my collection and try all my favourite products out. It ended up in us squeezed in front of my dressing table with me pretty much giving her a tutorial on what makeup products to use and how I apply them.

I didn’t think much of it because I know I blab to everyone and force everyone into listening about all my favourite products, but she told me how much she loved her look and asked for all my products and how she should put them on.yay someone likes my collection and little useless tips!

Sooooo Anna I dedicate this blog post to you, you can return whenever you want and always come back to apply your fav look for a messy night out, cocktails with a date or simply for a good snapchat pic.


Primer: Nivea men sensitive post shave balm-

I rely on this religiously, and I notice a HUGE difference if I don’t apply it. Really simple just smear the product onto your skin before you apply your makeup. It will keep your makeup beautiful and in tact all day


Foundation: L’oreal Paris Infallible Mattifying foundation

I use this when I have a break out, reason why its quite matte and heavy coverage but it doesn’t look that cakey on my skin. It also stays on most of the day, if you are on a night out, this will prevent a makeup melt down.


Concealer: L’Oreal Paris Perfection True Match Crayon Concealer
Thick, warm undertone and more control on where I want a highlighted look. Also easy to build up if I want more product on my face. I apply it here after my base:

13578490_10157101377595300_1810415257_n (1)2254131

Contour:Panstick Maxfactor

I don’t think this is an actual contour product, but I use this as it is. I draw my contour on where I want it, and it blends in perfectly with my beauty blender. I get a shade about 4x darker then my skin tone.


baking: NO7 translucent powder

Not many people do this, but I take a triangular sponge and place this under my eyes and let it cook for ten minutes with my skin. If you get greasy in the T- zone this is a lifesaver as it sets your product. Your concealer will look Instagram proof!10143511


Eyeshadow: Kiss me I’m tipsy- benefit

I love the wash over brown look at the moment, with a build up in the corner to make my eyes look more defined. I simply put a base of any eye shadow primer and then work my product over my lid with my brush.13578841_10157101376365300_94298235_n


eyeliner: Maybeline Master precise liner

I keep  my eyeliner straight and fix any mistakes with a cotton bud! Roll the tip in foundation and get a straight line by carefully rolling it against your eyeliner, clean up any mistakes with this technique as well. Also start in the middle to have full control of the line.10172265

Mascara or falsies: Tarte Mascara cosmetics

I normally would go for falsies for a night out, but if you don’t have any at hand I would advise Tarte mascara 4 in 1. Waterproof and fibre.img_5771

Bronzer:Bourjois Poudre Bronzante

My go to bronzer, simply applied with a small squared bronzing brush to create depth and a sharp line, but blended in softly with a big fluffy brush.


Lips: 17 Mega matte- Two Bob

Currently loving this absolute bargain I found for £3.99, very mattifying and a gorgeous shade. Also as its so matte, it stays on for hours.mega-matte-lips-two-bob


I hope you enjoy your own little makeup tutorial especially for you..Love you till the end xo (Sorry I made it all about me)


The Beauty Blender vs The Makeup brush. 

Finding yourself constantly in debate over whether to whip out your bouncy Beauty Blender or should you get to work with you proud collection of brushes? Leave the work to me, I’ve drawn up what tool is best for what technique and when it comes down to it WHAT really wins? Beauty Blender or the Makeup Brush?


Makeup Brush: I use two brushes for my base, a foundation brush and a buffer brush. As I apply contour and concealer, I like my base with an even coverage yet quite light. Using these two brushes allows me to ‘paint’ my foundation on, but then buff it up to take away any excess or brush marks. Its quick, and gets the job done.

Beauty Blender: The beauty blender does create a flawless look, however as I want to keep my base quite light as I am using other products, the blender tends to have more of a heavier appearance.  I also feel I can’t reach all areas that I want to, such as creases of my nose or right underneath my eye.

Overall winner: The makeup brush – It wins for me on this one, as the beauty blender creates a heavier base and doesn’t reach the places I want it too.

Personal Favourites: Buffer Brush by real techniques and Foundation brush by Bobbi Brown:





Beauty Blender: I use MAX factor Panstick to draw my contour on, I then add a few drops of glow oil to my beauty blender. It blends my contour brilliantly, it literally melts into my skin and I don’t have to worry about working the product in too much and losing the definition. It helps the application to sit where I want to and the added glow drops adds a lovely glow to the area.

Makeup brush: I use my contour brush to work the product in, I have always had medium-good result but I do feel it takes a little more time and ends up picking some of the product in. it also feels a little harsher on my skin. It does however help a really sharp, defined look to my contour

Overall winner: Beauty Blender-It was a tricky one, but I love how easy it is to work my product in with the beauty blender and that I can add my glow oil for my contour. If you really like the sharp, defined look maybe opt for a contour brush. But I love the look my blender helps me achieve.


Under eye: 

Makeup brush: I use an undereye brush to literally pat my product on. I never smear or ‘paint’ on my eye concealer as It doesn’t leave the coverage I require. The angle and size of this brush helps me reach right under my eye and its soft enough to help me pat my product on.

Beauty Blender: it does help obviously create that heavier coverage I require but I feel it’s a bit daunting and slightly dangerous having a large pink sponge coming directly towards my eye. It doesn’t really do the job when it comes to under my eye.

Overall winner: The makeup brush hands down, the beauty blenders size doesn’t fit my requirements.

Personal favourite: E.L.F studio under eye brush.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Makeup brush: As I use a cream highlight, I have always struggled using a brush to blend it in as we all know this can be quite tricky, and can look pretty awful if not blended in properly. I couldn’t really justify using my brush, and always end up getting huffy with the results and moving onto using my fingers instead to dab it on.

Beauty blender: This helps my highlight blend into my skin perfectly, I literally bounce it across my highlight and watch it do its wonders.  It doesn’t pick up the product or look smeary either.

Overall winner: Beauty blender, I LOVE how it helps me highlight sit. However If I am using powder, it would be a fan brush. ( I rarely use powder highlight though)

I tested four different techniques with these two tools, and my results ended up weighing even. Its hard for me to choose which tool I prefer to use as they both specialise in different uses. If I was stuck on a desert island though, and I had to pick between the two I would stick to my trusty brushes. The beauty blender is an absolute wonder when it comes to applying my makeup though, and if you don’t have one you need one!

Demi xo

Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation

Every Friday after a long week at work, it is essential that I treat myself to a new makeup purchase. This week was the Dior Forever Foundation (£33.00).


Really not too sure about this product, personally I don’t think I get along that great with it..However I can imagine it suiting others with different requirements.

It is quite a light yet matte coverage. So if you are looking for a light coverage, this would work great for yourself. I had to add a few more layers on blemished area, but it leaves an all over glow and doesn’t look too cakey when you build it up.

Its not too oily either, so if you do have oily skin this could work quite well with you. I used it on my dry areas around my nose and it didn’t dry over and make the area more obvious, it just seemed to soften the area and make it appear less dry and harsh.

I like this product when I contour and use a heavy concealer, because it helps me create a blank canvas to start with which isn’t to heavy and allows me to add other products without me looking like a clown.

I was color matched with the Dior matching tool in the store, and I think the match hasn’t worked well with my skin as its lacking warmth and almost like a grey undertone. So if you are looking to buy, defiently try a few different shades out. If I was to buy again, I would look for a shade with slightly more warmth or darker, even though I was color matched by the professional foundation ‘matcher’ in store!

However, every day I do feel that it might be a little too lightweight for me personally.

Demi xo



Cat lovers and lipstick hoarders read this post ASAP 

Eeeeeee I have found matte lipsticks for under a tenner!! 

The brand is called ‘fake kittens’and they specialise in lipsticks which are matte yet moisturising. So you’re not left feeling like your lips are peeling off after a minute of applying. 

First initial thought, if you are a cat person you will love this lipsticks. Just look at the lip balm;

It’s shaped as a kitty! You can’t get any cuter lipstick than that really. 

But to the point of applying the product I am really impressed! 

Couple of tests for pigmentation on my arm:

These are with one stroke, so the colour is quite rich and strong.

There’s also a tinted lipbalm which is very soft the lips but leaves a colour with it. That’s the one with the cat packaging.😽😽😽

However we all know, after purchasing a beautiful lipstick shade it always ends up looking slightly  different on your lips. 

The Lipstick shade looks just as bright and rich on my lips, plus the application is just one layer, I didn’t feel the need to have to top up a few times before getting a result. 

My most favourite thing about the lippie is how it’s matte yet not drying at all! Puts all my others to shame. 

And to make it better it’s all under 10 pounds yaayyyy. 


Bake your face, not your cakes.


Just before I start, as much as I love to talk about cakes and bread, this is not about the ‘baking’ most people would be referring to.


This is actually a make up technique.

What is it?

Firstly, I’ll briefly explain the process and what it actually is. It is a technique to help set your make-up, smooth out creases and basically give you the ‘Instagram-proof’ look.
It was started by the drag community and recently brought into fashion by Kim kardashians makeup artist. So it’s quite a big craze right now.

What do I need?

What you need is a really good, fine translucent powder. Plus a 99p triangular sponge. Loose powder is advised, but setting powder works just as well if you have that. ( I break up a small amount to make it more loose and broken)

Here is a few setting translucent loose powders I would suggest:

– Laura mercier setting powder £19.50

– urban decay mattifying powder £19.50

-Dior loose skin nude £30.30

I know it’s a bit tricky to splash out on a powder at the risk you might not even like the technique, so I’ve also included a few high street powders which I’ve had a lot of success with baking:

-MUA skin loose powder £3.00 (my favourite high street powder for this technique, really loose but it has a warm undertone tone to it which I like, also very matte!)

– Collection sheer loose powder £2.99

– NO7 boots loose translucent powder £10.50

So how do I apply it?

So when applying your makeup make sure the areas you are going to bake are hydrated and a good amount of product layered on. Here is my before picture:


Now to really create a set, matte and finished look soak the triangular little sponge till it’s nearly dry. You need quite a bit of concealer, I actually use two layers when doing this as it can be drying with all the powder product.

I then dip my sponge in the powder and set the product in the following places:

Leave the product to ‘bake’ for about ten to fifteen minutes and then dust the product off quite carefully. The product actually cooks with the warmth of your skin and sets the product and almost sits within your creases giving a real smooth look.

aaaand here is my after look!


– Contouring; if you do contour, this technique really finishes off the look, it appears more sharp and defined.

– Highlighter; it also plays as a highlighter, it highlights under my eyes and along my nose.

-Selfie friendly– my photos look flawless!

 Oily problems– it really is mattifying so any oil or sweating that occurs, baking helps stop this from happening.


 Time consuming; it’s much better for night outs I would say, it takes about 15 minutes and it can be quite messy if rushed.

– Heavy look; if you don’t like heavy makeup this really isn’t for you, it’s about 3 layers of product under the eyes.

-Up close can be a little scary; I baked the other day, and I was pretty happy with the results! I then looked in my bathroom magnifying mirror and gasped in horror.. Up close, if not applied properly it can be a little much and a bit too cakey.

Overall I actually end up avoiding around my eyes for everyday, I save it for nights as it is great for helping my makeup stay on all night! Every day I don’t really have the time and it’s just a bit much. BUT what I actually do is bake just in the area below my bronzer , this makes my cheeks look slightly more defined.

Thanks for the read guys, hopefully you enjoy baking your face just as much as you enjoy baking your cakes.

Demi xo

A push up bra for your lashes 

Tarte cosmetics- 4 in 1 mascara

I love falsies, I really do. I think they complete the smokey eye to another level. But I have an awful habit of loosing them, getting drunk and crying them off or walking around with them hanging off my eye. I do wear them, and I wish I could wear them more but I end up resorting back to mascara.

I think I’m kind of spiritually connected to mascara in a way. I am always always looking for a better one, and when I do find it I spend hours stroking it into my eyelashes.

So I wanted to introduce to my beautiful followers and lovely friends my new favourite mascara. It’s the 4 in 1 mascara by tarte cosmetics.

I believe the 4 fab factors about this little beauty are:

  1. Lengthening
  2. Curling
  3. Conditioning
  4. Volumising

It’s also waterproof and a fibre mascara. It’s very lengthening and I noticed the volume straight away. I havnt had to curl my eyelashes applying this either

Its a bit like a push up bra for your lashes. 

I Love the packaging for the tarte mascara, it’s quite glam and easy to hold.

Check out the results from below, one eye with and one without the mascara.

Buy the mascara here:


Stubborn skin problems.

Ginvera’s Marvel Gel-

I don’t entirely hate my skin. I like to think my skin is “alrightish”. I have only really had a few issues with spots. (Mostly made worse by myself as I can’t leave it alone)

But I have always had an issue with my nose. I have always felt the skin seems that bit extra vulnerable. When I wipe off my makeup and really stare up close into the mirror,I seem to have constant blackheads, redness and its quite oily.

I cleanse and tone and moisturize, try different products so its beyond my why I have such issues with this area.

I also suffer from redness and dry skin around my nose, and I have known a couple people who have also suffered with this. After some research, I have discovered this is due to hormonal issues which the skin seems to look almost irritated in this area. ggrrrrr

I have come across a product recently which is SPECIFICALLY for stubborn areas I believe. Its famous in Asia and are known to use it religiously over there.

First of all I had no idea how to actually apply it. Ha.. I think it takes a couple times to find the trick and your way of using it.

I was applying it in the shower and washing it off whilst in there, but it didn’t really have any effect.

So I applied it directly onto dry skin.. I then let it dry for about a minute. I started massaging it into my skin and It may sound a bit gross but I was exfoliating my dead skin cells off.

I decided to use a wet wipe for the process. Straight away when It  had dried I noticed a difference straight away. I was really surprised as it was almost like a layer had come off and left me with lovely smooth skin.

I then decided to actually sit with the gel on my areas on my nose that needed targeting. I sat for about 2 minutes and wiped it off. I also did under my eyes and on my lips. Again, repeated the process.

I have never felt the area around my nose so smooth, and about 80% of the redness has settled down. Bearing in mind this is my first application, and one day after, I am pretty happy with them instant results.  The blackheads on my nose are also a lot less visible.

However, I have been going through my own hormonal issues lately, but I have had a little breakout since I have used it. Its either my own breakout, or caused by the gel.. I do have very sensitive skin though. I am hoping that it is a one off and it wont occur again.. its not huge, a few bumps and a bit of redness. Wouldn’t class them as proper spots.. just if you do have sensitive skin maybe watch out with this one as it is quite an intense and instant exfoliate.

If you are interested I do have a discount code you can use, please message me for details

lots of love xox

The terrifying process of applying fake tan to your face 

James read- h20 tanning mist 

We’ve all done it. We have all applied fake tan directly on our face with a mitt thinking  “I can’t wait to awaken as a bronze goddess!!” and wake up thinking “holy mother of god I’m revolting”. 

You end up looking really dirty and blotchy and just a slight hint of mostache? I always seemed to get a really orange nose for some reason..

Because I am so naturally pale though, I had to avoid fake tanning my face and settled for applying  a bit of contouring and bronzer to even out the look. 

However my fellow tan lovers, I’ve found a dream product which solves this problem. 

This is a gradual spray on mist fake tan. It’s very very natural and I don’t even have to blend with it. 

It doesn’t go blotchy or too worryingly dark, and you don’t have the “dirty” look with this either. You also have control how much you want to build it up. 

It is just for the face so I’m geussing it’s more suitable for that area. 

It’s a lot less harsh and I really love the skin colour it brings out. 

Guys it’s also a PRIMER. I spray on with my other primer I use though, and it sits lovely and helps build up a lovely glow. 

10/10 for this product, it’s also a big bottle so keeps you going for agessss. 

Lipstick love

Hi guys

Update on the richibrown lipgloss plumper. 

I have been applying the lipgloss every night and morning, as the product starts to naturally plump up my lip size overtime.. So literally like I’ve had my lips done lol 

I’ve been using this product for 13 days now, and this is a picture of my lips of how I woke up today with no product on: 

To me I feel they look a lot more healthier and a lot more plump and “doll” like. 

I also feel they look a lot more healthier, as you can see from the first pic my lips were a lot more embarrassingly dry! 

So every morning before my routine I apply the lip plumper, it plumps up my lips even more and also creates a smooth canvas to work on. I let this activate for about ten minutes.

I then wipe off the lipgloss before I apply any other product. 

My go to lipstick at the moment is the velvet bourjois: rouge edition 

It’s matte but really smooth on, doesn’t go all bitty and make me paranoid about the feeling that my lips are flaking off. 

I also don’t use any liner with this as I’ve already prepped and plumped my lips and I don’t want to look toooooo much. 

To purchase the lipplumper click the link below: